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A woman was running through the forest. She wasn’t sure if the guards were still after her. Regardless, she kept running.

She knew of the evil woman’s plot. She had known, but could not tell her husband about it. Thinking that he would not believe her, she decided to handle it herself.

As she ran, she came across a cottage where an elderly couple lived. Hurrying to their front door, she knocked until the husband answered. He was shocked to see a young woman dressed in royal clothes, standing there. His wife appeared and asked him who the woman was. The woman introduced her name, but that was all she was able to reveal. Desperately, she asked the couple if she could stay in their house for the night. And gratefully for the woman, the couple generously let her in without knowing her true purpose.

The woman did her best to repay the favor by helping around their house, but the couple suggested that she was a guest of honor, not a maid. Still, the woman began to work for them.

The next day, as the woman thanked the couple and was about to leave, she heard a hard knocking at the door. The guards had arrived! The woman showed fear and wanted to hide. The wife wasn’t sure who the woman was afraid of, but she guessed it had something to do with the “other” unexpected guests. Deciding to help the woman, she led her into a secret place under the table in the kitchen. There was a trap door under the carpet. Hiding the woman, she locked the trapdoor in case and covered it with the carpet. The husband wasn’t sure what was wrong, but his wife persuade him to answer the door now. When he opened it, two guards stood there.

“Have you seen this woman?” One of the guards asked, holding a picture of a woman in royal clothing.

The husband answered, “No, sir. We haven’t had any guests at our cottage for ages.”

“We’re not guests,” replied another guard. “We’re looking for this woman here. Have either of her seen her?”

The husband smiled. “No. We haven’t.

The guards looked at the wife. “How about you, ma’m? Does she look familiar to you?”

The wife shook her head. “No. I’m afraid not. My eyesight is so poor, you see. I can’t seem to get a good glimpse at anything…”

The guards gave up. “Well, if you see her, let us know. Sorry to trouble you.” Then they left.

Seeing that the guards were gone, the husband signaled to his wife that the coast was clear. The wife smiled and went over to the hidden trap door. Taking off the carpet and unlocking the trapdoor, she sees the woman curled up in fear.

“My Queen, you are safe now. The guards have left.”

The woman was shocked! The wife had figured it out. As she was led out of the hidden room, she asked how she knew of her identity. The wife shook her head and smiled.

“There will be plenty for you to explain, my dear. But for now, let’s have some breakfast.”

She turned to her husband. “Dear, can you start the fire while I wash the carrots?”

The husband was awestruck with the Queen, but replied to his wife with a nod. “What an extraordinary moment!” He took his hat off and bowed. “Beg pardon, my Queen, but why are you-?”

The woman interrupted, “Please. I’m a stranger, now. You may refer to me as my real name.”

The husband nodded in confusion and went outside to bring wood for the fireplace.

After breakfast, the Queen began to work around the house. The elderly couple begged her not to strain herself, but she didn’t care. She was repaying the favor for their troubles of hiding her. That night, the couple talked about what they should do since the Queen is hiding from the guards. The wife suggested that they should keep her forever, but the husband objected this.

“What if the guards were to find out? Wouldn’t we be in trouble?”

The wife shook her head. “These guards are unknown of our secrets, dear. Even if they were to search around our cottage, they would never find her. After all, I think the Queen has a good reason of leaving her castle. I just hope her husband would understand.”

The husband sighed. “Well, as long as those guards won’t come back. I’m more concern about what the reason is. I’m sure the Queen will explain tomorrow morning.” He kissed his wife in the cheek. “Goodnight, love.”

“Goodnight, my dear.” The wife smiled, thinking that her husband had accepted her answer. They went to sleep.

The Queen heard everything. She was still up and snuck on their bedroom door. After tiptoeing back to her new room, she felt the guilt running through her veins. Was it really worth running away from her castle? What about her husband? Was he really worried about her? But then, what about the evil woman? What if she learned about her disappearance?

The Queen slept, hoping that her dreadful fate won’t come for her.

The next morning, the Queen arrived at the couple’s bedroom and explained her reasons of leaving her castle.

“I have known of the evil woman’s ambition. She plans to overthrow me and become a Queen for my husband. She has been strangely friendly until I found her tearing down the painting of my portrait. I fear that I may put us all in danger. But I don’t want to go back there. Please let me stay for one more night and I will trouble you no more.”

The wife smiled. “My Queen, you may stay here as long as you need to. We have secrets that no one has ever noticed around the house. Even my husband has a hiding spot for you. Ask him.”

The husband nodded in agreement. “I think it’s best if you stay. Although we never have visitors, we found many hidden places that no one was able to find.” He smiled. “There is secret trapdoor underneath a pile of soil in the garden. Inside, you will find a path that will lead you to the forest where another secret lies ahead. It is a big tree with a hole, big enough for you to come out.”

The Queen was filled with relief. “Thank you so much. I will repay as much as I can-”

The wife interrupted, “You have repaid us enough. Now, you are part of our family. Now let’s have some breakfast.”

And with that, the new family went downstairs to prepare breakfast.
Inside, the ballroom was enormous! Music played, guests were dancing and entertainers were performing. A King and Queen were shown at the throne chairs. Alysa saw a prince standing there as he was being adored by women, but realized that he wasn’t the man she saw earlier today. Thinking that leaving early would make her aunt angry, she decided to stay at the ball a bit longer.

When the music started to go lively, the guests continued to dance. A man offered Alysa to dance with him and she agreed. The dance was so much fun that Alysa had completely forgotten about her worries at the house. She suddenly became the center of attention because every man asked her to dance with him. Women were jealous of her beauty, but paid no attention to her as they were busying themselves admiring their prince.

Alysa finished her dance with another man and the audience began to applaud for her. She felt herself embarrassed, but still smiled at the crowd, curtsying politely to everyone. When she left the crowd to find a quiet spot for her to rest, a voice called out to her. She turned and saw the man who had visited her house earlier. He told her that he had seen everything. Alysa was embarrassed, but the man smiled. He didn’t mind if she was dancing with few men, just as long as she wasn’t taken yet. What’s more important was that she was here at the ball, enjoying herself.

The handsome man and Alysa laughed. They went outside for a walk around the castle and began chatting about a lot of things. After spending some quality time alone with each other, they went back into the castle to dance. The music was slower now and the guests were dancing in a romantic way. Husbands and wives gazed at each other’s eyes. The handsome man asked Alysa for a dance and she said “Yes.” As they twirled around the ballroom, they were lost in each other’s eyes. It was a moment they would never forget…

Then after the dance, the handsome man kissed Alysa. Eagerly, she kissed back. And they were lost in their own world when the bell rang. Alysa looked up at the clock and saw that the time was twelve o’clock. She was shocked because she had stayed too long! Realizing that her father might be worried, she quickly bids the handsome man goodnight before running off. The man tried to stop her, but it was too late. He was interrupted by the prince who refers to him as a good friend of his since childhood.

Alysa raced out of the castle and into the cold night on foot. She didn’t stop running until she reached the house where the smoke was shown from the chimney. When she got inside the house, her aunt was sobbing hysterically. Alysa looked down at a body, crumpled to the floor.

It was her father.

Alysa went over to him and tried to wake him up, but it was no good. The women brought him to his bedroom. Alysa’s aunt ran out of the house to find a doctor while Alysa stayed by her father’s side.

When the doctor came, he checked the man’s pulse. Luckily, he was alive. Alysa and her aunt were relieved, but were told by the doctor that the father was suffering from a disease. After the doctor gave the man some medicine, he bid the women goodnight before heading back to his office.

Alysa began to sob as she went to her room, blaming herself that her father was in terrible condition. Her aunt tried to comfort her, but it was no use. As the woman went out of her niece’s room, she began to remember what had happened at the house while the girl was away. Her aunt was finishing washing the dishes after cooking dinner for the boys. The father wanted to help, but the woman kindly refused. Then she had forgotten something from her house and told Alysa’s father that she will be right back before running out of the house. When she returned, she saw the father unconscious to the floor. She tried waking him up, but it led her to think that the man was dead. At the same time, her niece finally arrived.

The next morning, Alysa woke up from her bed. She must’ve been sobbing in her sleep. Checking up on her father in his room, she could hear him snoring. That gave her relief. She went over to her father and woke him up. As her father was coming to, his eyes widen and screamed, “YOU’RE DEAD! IT CAN’T BE! YOU’RE DEAD!” Alysa tried to calm him down and when he regained his sanity, he realized that it was his daughter.

As the two embraced, a small tear trickled down Alysa’s face. She realized that going to the ball had led her family to suffer. Inside her mind, she made an oath never to abandon her family ever again.

Unknown to Alysa, her father’s hysteria began to grow worse…

After changing her clothes, she began her daily routine. She would cook breakfast, clean up, go to her job at the clothing store, come back home to cook lunch, clean up, tidy the house until dinner, cook, clean and then tuck her father and brother to bed. Sometimes, her aunt would assist with the cooking whenever Alysa had to work overtime.

Despite her exhaustion, Alysa was quite happy with her life again.

A week later from her routine, a knock came at the door. Alysa answered it and saw the handsome man again. Guilty of leaving him without an explanation at the ball, she apologized before closing the door. The handsome man stops her and gladly forgives her. Then he asks if she would like to go to the festival tomorrow night. Alysa kindly refused, but the man kept insisting. It didn’t matter how many times Alysa rejected him. He just wouldn’t leave her alone at all!

Maybe he had fallen in love with her during the dance at the ball, especially since they kissed…

Shaking her head from that thought, she stated to the handsome man that she can’t go and closed the door before he could stop her. Alysa leaned on the door as she heard the man’s voice. She had no choice but to break his heart. Then she overheard her aunt greeting the man before they walked away from the house. Alysa looked through the mirror and saw her aunt chatting with the handsome man. Maybe she’s saying that Alysa’s schedule was full for today. The handsome man thanked the woman and left. But Alysa caught a glimpse of the man’s expression.

He looked disappointed.

Alysa felt bad for him, but she knew that it would never work. He is a member of a royal family and she was workaholic woman with a sick father and quiet younger brother.

That night, Alysa tucked Oliver to bed and kissed him goodnight. Going to her room, she thought of the man who had fallen in love with her. As she collapsed on her bed, she started to think that maybe it would be okay to go to the festival tomorrow. She had been working all day and night, but never had time to do something for herself.

Sleeping it off, she heard the sound of her door opened. Her aunt had come to visit to say goodnight. But instead, she woke her niece up. Alysa asked if everything was okay, but her aunt shook her head. She told her niece everything of what she heard from the handsome man. Alysa felt guilty, but replied that she couldn’t accept his love for her because of her promise to her mother.

Ironically, the aunt told her niece that she had a dream of her mother, saying that she was proud of her daughter working hard for her family. But at the same time, she realized that those good deeds have brought her many rewards and it was wrong of her to throw it all away. The mother asked the aunt to persuade her daughter to enjoy her happiness before asking how her husband and son were doing. The last words Alysa’s mother said to the aunt was that she predicted that her daughter’s happiness was about to begin.

The aunt then persuaded the niece to go have fun at the festival tomorrow. Alysa wasn’t sure if what her aunt was saying was true, but she protested anyway about her father’s condition. The aunt firmly states that she will take care of the cooking, cleaning and caring of her brother and father. She demanded her niece to enjoy herself at the festival or she will not allow her to work at the shop for days.

Defeated by her aunt’s strict order, Alysa agreed. Her aunt smiled and kissed her niece goodnight before going to Oliver’s room to read the boy a story.

The women didn’t notice that the father in his room was still mumbling his wife’s name in his sleep. His eyes showed fear, his skin was sweating, his body trembled…
Alysa: The Price of a Wish - Part Two
Alysa tries to swallow her own happiness, but her good deeds has brought her many rewards.

The aunt finally convinces her niece to take a break from working too hard. With the help of Alysa's mother's spirit, of course.

As for the father, his hysteria is about to begin...

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